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Framing Process
Square inch pricing
Measure the area of your artwork to be matted and framed. There will usually be a border around the picture. If you do not want the border to show, measure the picture area only. Indent about an 1/8" around the entire picture. You will now have a length and a width. Multiply these two dimensions and you will get the square inch of the art that needs framing. Example: your picture is 12" x 16". If you multiply 12 x 16, the square inch total is 192".
$68.00.....200 square inches or less
$88.00.....between 200 to 350 square inches
$128.00....between 350 and 600 square inches
$168.00....over 600 square inches
Diploma Special...$48.00
More is less - 4 or more frames earns a 15% discount 
Freight is not included in these prices
All taxes are included
Most pictures, cards, diplomas, portraits, oils, watercolors, prints etc. can be custom matted and framed for $68.00.  The "Bird Dogs" print is 11" x 18", but the area that is matted is only 5-3/4" x 14-1/4". The square inch to be matted and framed is approximately 82 square inches, falling into the $68.00 pricing range.
These prices include one or two mats, custom picture frame, glass, dust cover on the back of the artwork and the hardware by which to hang the picture. Most shadowboxing will fit into these price catagories.
Preservation matting and framing could run a little more. Preservation matting is mainly used when framing limited editions, or other pricey art. UV resistant glass is more costly than regular glass and will help preserve your artwork from the suns rays. Again, this is mainly used for limited editions and originals. Certain mouldings can be more costly.

Michael Sowa "Train Hare"
4-1/4" x 5-1/4" note card

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