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Robert Salmon Biography

Robert Salmon (1775-circa 1845)

English painter of Scottish decent, born in Whitehaven, Cumberland, in October or November 1775. His father, Francis Salomon, was a jeweler. The young Salmon  clearly studied the work of Dutch marine painters of the 17th century, but little else is known of his early training. He settled in the busy seaport of Liverpool in 1806 and changed his name from Salomon to Salmon. Many of his marine paintings from this early period survive and are housed in the National Maritime Museum in London. His ship portraits tend to follow his traditional practice of showing the same vessel in at least two positions on the same canvas. After a time, Salmon left Liverpool for Scotland. A collection of surviving works which concentrate on shipping life in Greenock reveals that he spent some time there. In 1828 he left Europe for the United States, settling in Boston for 14 years. Salmon left America in 1842 and for many years was believed to have died shortly after. It has come to light that he went to Italy on his return to Europe. A number of Italian views attributed to him have survied, the latest of which is dated 1845. The date of his death remains uncertain but was certainly before 1851.

Michael Sowa Biography
Michael Sowa- born 1945

This German artist is known for his whimsical, surreal and stunning paintings often featuring animals. His works are titled in English and German. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin for seven years, spent a brief time as an art teacher and then became a painter.

A book of 50 of his paintings titled Sowa's Ark : An Enchanted Bestiary was published in 1996 and reprinted in 2006. His best known book is "Esterhazy, The Rabbit Prince".

He has done cover images for several well known magazines, most notably the November 2002 issue of The New Yorker. His art is readily available in poster and calendar format.

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