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Framing Process
Framing Process

1. Aquire the art that needs framing. This is a 1949 Naval equator crossing certificate that needs to be framed for posterity.


                      New framing job


In this case, the picture needs to be flattened out. I have used weights to hold down the corners. The picture will be flat enough to work with in about 24 hours.


2. Time to measure the picture. Making sure that I have allowed for the outermost parts of the graphics, and allowing approximately 1/4" border around the entire picture, I have measured 14-1/4" x 19". The customer stated that they'd prefer a thin, plain, black frame but a large matting. I will allow for a four inch mat. This will add an additional 8" to the total that I measured. The size mat, glass and frame will be 22-1/4" x 27".


3. Choose the matting. There are literally thousands of matboards to choose from. There are textured, metallic, linen, multi-colored and many, many colors to choose from. I will pick (usually two) colors that compliment the artwork that I am framing. With the piece I'm working on, black would work well, but the customer wants a black frame, so I don't want a black matboard next to a black frame.



I picked out a light yellow inside mat and a dark green outside mat. Notice the width you choose for each color will change the look of the picture?


With a black frame, the dark green mat will make the finished picture look dark. I changed the outside mat to a pale light blue since there were several shades of blue in the picture. Again, the width of each matboard will change the look of the picture. I will make the inside mat 1/8" and the outside mat 3-7/8" for the 4" total mat that I am allowing for.



I have choosen a simple thin black moulding and cut it with a framing guillotine to the correct size.


Using a frame vise, I have connected the frame together the old fashion way, with finish nails and wood glue. Any imperfections in the corners can be filled in with colored filler.



After the frame is put together and the nail holes have been filled in with black filler, I clean the glass, which has already been cut to size, place that in the frame and blow off any dust on the glass or picture. I place the picture in the frame, add a backing and secure everything in place. I add a dust cover on the back, hardware to hang the picture and it's complete.

Naval Equator Crossing

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